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Beneath the Sea (Trade Show) - March 2011


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Lake Ontario Photos by Larry Cohen and Olga Torrey -

Photos by Larry Cohen

Photos by Olga Torrey

Sylvia Ouelette -

These photos were taken by Sylvia Quellette with her Olympus Pen Camera and UFL-2 strobes with a BtS tray and arm system on her recent trip to Indoneia in October 2011. Thanks for sharing the great images with us keep them coming and dive safe. Thanks Shawn

Indonesia October 2011

More Indonesia photos and videos Oct 2011

Larry Cohen -

These photos were taken by Larry Cohen they were taken at Dutch Springs, PA as the ocean conditions were not acceptable for diving. He took these pictures with his Olympus E-620 DSLR using a BtS tray and arm system. Great job Larry and good modeling Olga!!

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