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Comments from customers:

Hi Shawn, I received the GPT#4 and did a review on scubaboard under video, gopro (click here for the review). Im very impressed with the product. I hope this helps sell a few new trays. Thanks for the polar filter!

John Lowther

Olga Torrey

Olga TorreyIn these photographs diver Olga Torrey explores and documents the wreck of the Pinta and Rockland County. The Pinta was a Dutch Freighter built in 1959 and sunk off the NJ coast on May 8th 1963. The Rockland County was a tugboat built in 1960. She was sunk as an artificial reef on February 14th 1986. Both of these wrecks are only four miles from Point Pleasant NJ . The Pinta sits in 90' of water while the Rockland is in only 75'. Both wrecks are affected by the tides but conditions are usually good. These are just two of the many east-coast shipwrecks that the dive boat John Jack visits.

Olga is shooting with a Canon PowerShot SD880 in an Ikelite housing. The housing is equipped with an auxiliary wide angle lens. This is so she could move in close to her subjects. The goal is to eliminate as much water as possible between the lens and subject. On the day these photos were taken vis was not great so this is very important.

Olga is ready to light still images with dual Sea & Sea YS-110a strobes. Using Beneath the Surface's new triple clamps she could also light video with dual Light & Motion Sola 1200 LED lights.

To be able to have complete control of the attached lights, Olga is using dual Beneath The Surface Ball Joint arms. She is using one 8" section and one 5" section on each side. This allows Olga to bring the lights way off to the side. This helps lessen backscatter, even in less than perfect visibility. The arms are attached to the housing with the Beneath The Surface tray. This allows for easy camera handling and the cross bar allows the camera rig to be easily handed to the diver from the boat.

Photos of Olga Torrey by Larry Cohen (

Click on the images for the rest of the photographs.


I attended the Beneath The Sea Expo in New Jersey last March. I stopped by your booth and was intrigued by the Ikelite Bridge Bar Adapter you had on display. Later in the day, I stopped by to look at it again and at the end of the show on Saturday, I made the purchase. All I can say is, glad I did! My wife, son and I just returned from a 2 week trip to Bonaire. We did 39 shore dives during that 2 week period. Walking in and out of the water was so much easier having the camera attached to my BCD. Truly hands free. Usually, my wife is carrying my fins and helping me over the rough spots. This trip, I was carrying my own fins and helping her. What a great idea and product you have. I attached a picture of me walking out of the water at Pink Beach on Bonaire.

Again thank you,

David DelBiondo
Old Lyme, CT