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Professionals and BtS

Andrew and Allison Sallmon
February 7, 2014

The dimly lit and low contrast underwater world is demanding for the underwater photographer and filmmaker. To be successful, careful attention to light and shadow are paramount. Underwater lighting is required to restore color and contrast in all situations, so carrying multiple external light sources is a necessity.

Whenever image-makers discuss performance, they usually speak about powerful strobes and LED lights, low noise cameras and fast f2.8 glass (lenses), but when it comes to equipment performance, the real unsung hero is the arm used to hold the lighting system.
Beneath the Surface produces the very best arms that we have ever used. They are designed and manufactured here in the U.S.A. by underwater photographers and they are crafted from only the finest raw materials. They function perfectly underwater, that is, they suspend the strobes and video lights where you put them, stay there until you want to move them and do so easily and without undue tightening or loosening of the clamps.

BtS arms are indestructible, lightweight and made to overcome the everyday problems that face the underwater photographer better than any other arm set that we have ever used. The company’s mission is simple. “We strive to create products that are solutions, products that make lighting easier for the underwater filmmaker and photographer”.
All this and they back their products with full time support, and an unconditional lifetime warranty. Seriously, what more could we ask for?


Underwater photographers Andrew and Allison Sallmon are frequently published contributors to several of the worlds leading diving magazines. Their destination and photo “how to” articles and photographic techniques seminars continue to gain in popularity year after year. Allison is a double-boarded D.VM. pathologist. Andy is 33-year veteran of the dive industry, Master Scuba instructor and works as a territory representative in the underwater photographic industry for Sea and Sea, Light & Motion and BtS products. More about them and their work can be viewed at

Michael Zeigler

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Michael Zeigler has lived in southern California since 1996, and has been scuba diving since 2004. Although he has been diving in many places around the world, he prefers capturing the beauty of the diverse marine life that inhabits the rich kelp forests of southern California. 

He is a contributor for Sport Diver and Scuba Diving magazines, as well as a contributor, instructor, and trip leader for Samy's Camera Underwater Photo & Video.

Michael is also a proud member of the Ocean Artists Society, which uses ocean art to inspire people around the world to a greater awareness of our need to protect and preserve our natural world. 

Michael's award-winning photos have been featured in magazines, websites, juried art displays, private collections, and by non-profit organizations including The Fin FoundationReef CheckKelpfest, and the Aquarium of the Pacific. "Seeing the undersea world through a camera lens has enhanced my diving experiences and my appreciation for the beauty of the sea forever. I enjoy sharing the ocean's beauty in an effort to raise awareness."


"Being able to adjust and position my strobes easily while underwater not only makes shooting more enjoyable, it can sometimes make the difference between getting the shot and not. The arms and clamps made by Beneath the Surface allow me to make precision adjustments to my strobes easily, and allow me to focus on the image I'm trying to create rather than messing with clamp tension and binding joints. In addition, the clamping power of the Beneath the Surface system keeps my Ikelite strobes solidly secure when I pass my camera to the topside attendant. With the amount of time, energy, and money I've invested into creating underwater images, it's imperative that my system works well when it counts. I've made the switch to Beneath the Surface, and I encourage anyone looking to augment or improve their underwater set-up to try Beneath the Surface products."

Todd Winner

Todd Winner is a professional underwater photographer and cinematographer, PADI scuba instructor and owner of Winner Productions, a boutique post production facility catering to Hollywood's most elite cinematographers.  Since taking up underwater photography, he has won over 60 international underwater photo competitions.  His images have been published in numerous magazines and online publications.  He currently writes monthly columns for Sport Diver and The Underwater Photography Guide.  Todd's work has been featured in commercial advertising, museums and private galleries.  He also runs numerous underwater photo workshops throughout the year.


Beneath the Surface arms and clamps have become an intricate part of my underwater kit.  With just a small amount of tension, I can easily adjust my strobes without loosening and retightening the clamps each time.  Above water they have tremendous clamping power when tightened down.  Even with large strobes, such as Ikelite 160s, the arms stay in place.  With their unique design, Beneath the Surface arms take up almost no space in my camera case, a huge plus to the traveling photographer.