Beneath the Surface FA-14-YS-IKEQD


Mount your lights or strobes onto underwater camera housings, trays, or grip handles with this versatile 14" Flex Arm from Beneath the Surface. It can be used with any camera, housing, or tray-and-grip system that has an Ikelite quick-disconnect mount. The arm's extreme flexibility allows you to set up your lights or strobes in a wide variety of positions and play around with different angles and creative effects.

A built-in safety cable that runs through the entire arm ensures you will never lose your valuable equipment, even if you accidentally disconnect the arm. Additionally, the flex arm joints can be reattached underwater if one of them pops out of place.

Key Features

  • For Lights/Strobes with YS Mount
  • Connects to Ikelite Quick-Disconnect
  • Diameter: 3/4"
  • Length: 14